Turnkey content
protection using
blockchain technology

Content owners trust Custos to keep sensitive media safe, and to detect leaks when and where they happen.

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As featured in…

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Video Security
and DRM

Share your content with confidence, knowing you can rapidly trace leaks. Custos’ forensic watermarking technology is available as an API integration with your existing VOD workflow.

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EdTech Content

Protect your valuable course material, such as PDFs, ebooks, and videos, from unlawful redistribution. Custos’ content protection plugin integrates directly with your Moodle platform.

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Document Security

Share your sensitive documents with your intended recipients in a traceable way. Custos’ document protection is built to integrate with your Enterprise Information Management (EIM) system.

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Global, distributed protection

Piracy knows no borders. That’s why Custos’ patented technology offers distributed protection. Enable it once, be secured globally. That’s what Custos’ clients across four continents will tell you, too.

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