Stop your video content from being pirated.

Custos’ turnkey forensic watermarking and blockchain solution gives you global, distributed protection. Custos has protected thousands of titles, across four continents.

As featured in…

As featured in…

Key Benefits

  • Prevent lost revenue.

    Pre-release movie leaks shrink lifetime revenue by around 19.1%. Custos’ solution virtually eliminates this risk.

  • Identify leakers.

    Custos’ imperceptible, robust watermarks help you pinpoint leakers in your distribution network.

  • Detect leaks anywhere online.

    Custos’ blockchain solution decentralises the detection of pirated content. This allows Custos to reach as far as the dark web.

reduction in piracy

The Components of a
Custos Video Watermark

Session-Based, Imperceptible Forensic Watermarking

Invisible and highly robust watermarks to withstand both targeted attacks and coincidental video manipulation.

System-Wide Security and Quality

Your content is encrypted while at rest and in transit; and you can rest assured your viewers will securely enjoy highest quality H.264 output.

Decentralized Piracy Detection

We embed cryptocurrency bounties in your video files to incentivise a global network of bounty hunters to alert us when your pirated media is found online.

Reliable Leaker Identification

Plug leaks in your network with precision: we combine forensic watermarks with fingerprinting and blockchain technology for accurate leak IDs.

AWS Cloud Storage

Use our (or your own) S3 buckets to archive and organize large catalogs of premium or sensitive content. Custos watermarking runs completely on the cloud for scalability and global reach.

Superior DRM and Distribution Workflows

Components of Custos Core can be integrated with most existing DRM or content management platforms for enhanced content security and media monitoring.

Integrations and Additional Support

We offer an ultra high quality output option for masterfiles; HTTP API integration with Python client library; and Support for HTTP Live Streaming, as well as downloadable video files for offline play.

Flexible and Affordable Plans

Visible or invisible watermarks? Pay-as-you-use or flat subscription? Post-deployment tech support or maintenance needed? Talk to Custos about a bespoke package built for your business.

The Custos Forensic

Forensic watermarking is the process of hiding identifying information in each individual copy of a video file. A good watermark, like Custos’, is almost entirely imperceptible, impossible to remove without also damaging the host video, and secure – it cannot be faked or modified.

Our forensic watermarks are entirely imperceptible. Move the below slider to your right to preview the high quality viewing experience your recipients will enjoy:...Now move the slider to your left, to understand just how robust our watermarks are, and preview the levels of compression they can withstand.

Imperceptible Forensic Watermarks

Rest assured: your viewers will enjoy the highest quality viewing experience possible with our 256 bit invisible watermarks.

Robust and Tamper Proof

Custos’ session-based forensic watermarks are highly robust against targeted attacks and coincidental video manipulation, and can withstand high levels of compression.

Turnkey Content Protection using Screener Copy

Screener Copy is our turnkey SaaS video distribution platform for content owners and producers looking for access to world-class forensic watermarking and superior content security right now. No technical ability is required to use Screener Copy to achieve end-to-end protection from piracy in minutes – simply upload your video, share it securely via email, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Custos Core for Large Video
File Distribution (Master Files)

Custos Core for Large Video File Distribution (Master Files)

Looking to stop leaks during the earlier stages of content distribution? Suspect someone in your distribution network is leaking your master files? Custos Core can be adapted to prevent unlawful redistribution of high-value pre-release media at any point in your process: from post-production and mastering to cinema and festival screenings.

  • Patented Custos forensic watermarking and 24/7, global, blockchain-based leak detection.

  • Eliminate the risk of pre-release piracy by deterring pirates with a credible threat of identification.

  • Highest quality viewing output (ProRes) and support for files hundreds of GB in size.

  • Easy integration with existing content management and distribution workflows.

  • Ideal for protecting festival submissions, post-production and mastering copies from piracy.

  • Aspera and MediaShuttle Integration for seamless, accelerated uploads and downloads.

API Integration

Clients with existing distribution workflows make use of the Custos Video SDK to integrate with the video watermarking API. This allows them to upload original content to cloud storage and obtain watermarked copies for individual recipients. Through the API, the client platform can monitor watermarking progress and set up automated infringement alerts.



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