The movie industry has a piracy problem.

Almost 60% of movies are leaked before they’ve been in the cinema less than two weeks. What’s worse: pre-release piracy, according to research from Carnegie Mellon University, reduces the lifetime profit of the pirated film by 19%, on average.

In an industry where second chances are scarce, you can’t afford to wait to protect yourself from piracy until after you become a victim.

Helping filmmakers send secure, watermarked video screeners to film festivals, distributors, movie reviews and buyers

Screener Copy uses cutting edge blockchain and forensic watermarking technology to help filmmakers and distributors market, distribute and secure their content.

Whether sending out only a couple of screeners to reviewers or film festival judges and influencers here and there, or marketing thousands of copies daily, Screener Copy is the seamless video distribution software the film industry’s been waiting for.

Helping larger-scale distributors and media resellers introduce stress-free workflows with custom built video sharing platforms

Although Screener Copy protection can integrate easily with existing workflows, a cloud-based distribution and recipient management platform is available that can be customised and branded to your needs.

Enterprise product features include:

  • Multiple language support
  • Customisable branding
  • Third-party uploads
  • Bulk content and meta data uploads
  • Advanced analytics and real-time insights

Partner with Screener Copy, powered by Custos Media Technologies, and make a statement about your commitment to content protection and intellectual property rights in an age of digital distribution. 

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