Stop your video content from being pirated.

Custos’ turnkey forensic watermarking and blockchain solution gives you global, distributed protection. Custos has protected thousands of titles, across four continents.

As featured in…

As featured in…

Key Benefits

  • Prevent lost revenue.

    Pre-release movie leaks shrink lifetime revenue by around 19.1%. Custos’ solution virtually eliminates this risk.

  • Identify leakers.

    Custos’ imperceptible, robust watermarks help you pinpoint leakers in your distribution network.

  • Detect leaks anywhere online.

    Custos’ blockchain solution decentralises the detection of pirated content. This allows Custos to reach as far as the dark web.

reduction in piracy

Use cases

White label SaaS

A Tokyo-based client uses a custom-branded, white-labeled deployment of the Custos SaaS VOD solution, Screener Copy, for secure distribution of movie screeners to a network of buyers across Japan.

API integration

Clients with existing distribution workflows make use of the Custos Video SDK to integrate with the video watermarking API. This allows them to upload original content to cloud storage and obtain watermarked copies for individual recipients. Through the API, the client platform can monitor watermarking progress and set up automated infringement alerts.

Masterfile distribution

Management of film master files requires low-volume distribution of very large media assets. Custos provides watermarking and monitoring of master files, and integrates with leading third-party transport services such as IBM Aspera® and Signiant Media Shuttle™.



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