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Custos – the first and only company in the world to use blockchain technology to catch copyright infringers of premium content – will attend “the world’s most influential media, entertainment and tehnology show”, IBC2019, in Amsterdam this September.

Before Custos, if you wanted to use forensic watermarking to protect your media from piracy and copyright infringement, you had two choices: look for pirated content yourself, or pay a company that specializes in (centralised) pirated content detection to do it.

The former is tedious, the latter doesn’t scale. 

Using a decentralized leak detection model, Custos moves media monitoring to the crowd by decentralizing the search for leaked content to human bounty hunters across the globe, so we can pick up things machines would miss, and you can enjoy 24/7 global, online and offline monitoring – even into the dark web, behind paywalled pirated content, private file sharing groups, and into campus networks.

To date, Custos’ content watermarking and distribution solutions have protected over 300,000 films, e-books, and confidential documents from copyright infringement, using blockchain-based media tracking ─ to reduce piracy by 99.97%, in markets across four continents.

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