Custos uses patented blockchain technology to prevent and detect data breaches. This technology was developed for and proven in the film industry, where over 500 000 movies have been protected from piracy.

Customer Need

In today’s market, data encryption is a must. Unencrypted data such as customer information, financial documents, technical specifications, internal communication are a risk, and it’s a risk that no company can afford. The average cost of a data breach is $3.92 million or $150 per record. Even with the ubiquity of encryption, there is a 29.6% probability that your business will experience a breach in the next two years. The chance of experiencing a breach has increased by over 30% since 2014. The reason for this increase is simple – data security is a human problem, not only a technology one.

Every time a customer, employee, or service provider needs to read a report or a financial statement or a design, the document is decrypted. The decryption makes it vulnerable to human negligence (24% of breaches) or malicious attacks (51% of breaches).

The Implementation

The patented Custos technology protects documents by compensating for the human element. The protection remains intact after the document is decrypted, or even printed.

Every time a document is accessed or decrypted, a unique watermark is embedded into the document. Each watermark contains a Bitcoin wallet with an amount of Bitcoin accessible in it.

The Bitcoin wallet’s purpose is two-fold. Firstly, it acts as a fidelity guarantee for documents – as long as the cryptocurrency is in the wallet, you know it has not been breached.

Secondly, it turns the hackers that are stealing your documents into whistle-blowers – identifying the source of a leak – when they take the Bitcoin.

The Custos blockchain technology seamlessly integrates into existing document storage or distribution platforms, including SharePoint, mail servers, and Moodle.

The Impact

Custos’ technology has reduced the rate of film piracy from 60% to 0% over the last 4 years. For large research universities, Custos is protecting hundreds of thousands of documents daily from illegal reselling. Custos is now launching a board pack protection platform to make it easy to protect your most sensitive information.

The Custos solution protects content when it is most vulnerable – when it is in the hands of someone you’ve been trusting to keep it safe. Do not trust – verify.

*IBM 2019 Cost of Data Breach Report

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To date, Custos’ content watermarking and distribution solutions have protected over 500,000 videos, ebooks, and confidential documents from copyright infringement.

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