Custos’ watermarking and blockchain technology is a valuable content security solution for film producers. This case study looks at how Custos’ technology can integrate into a film production company’s existing workflow to provide forensic watermarking and content protection.

The Customer Need

Marche Media produces a range of television series and films. Their team manages all services ranging from content development to film promotion.

With film artifacts in different stages of production being shared inside the company and with external service providers and stakeholders, security was a big concern for them. Commercially available cloud sharing solutions did not provide the level of protection that they insist upon for their content.

The Implementation

Custos built a bespoke secure distribution platform for Marche Media. The platform was branded to align it with the premium brand that Marche is growing in the market.

An essential component of the platform is the seamless integration with the Custos watermarking and tracking technology. All the clips and movies that move through the platform are watermarked with imperceptible watermarks that contain patented blockchain tracking technology. If any leaks were to occur, it would automatically be detected, and the source can be plugged.

The bespoke platform also allowed Marche to add custom roles for different users of the platform. Sales agents can be on-boarded onto the platform, allowing them to send screeners securely to their local of foreign buyers. Inbound content from service providers or pitches can be uploaded securely to the platform and viewed internally.

Who is Marche Media?

Marche Media is a Cape Town-based Film & Television Production company formed in 2017. Some of the recent and current Television projects include the highly anticipated Kyknet & Showmax Drama Series’ Waterfront’, the highly successful ‘Boer soek ‘n Vrou’ franchise, and Claire Wiese-Wentzel’s new makeover show ‘Mooimaak’.

The Impact

Since the platform’s launch, Marche has not had a single case of piracy of the protected content. And this was through various high-profile projects that were developed and distributed as the company goes from strength to strength, building their brand as the premiere production company in the country.

Marche has been using the platform since 2018 on various high-profile projects without a single case of piracy.

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To date, Custos’ content watermarking and distribution solutions have protected over 500,000 videos, ebooks, and confidential documents from copyright infringement.

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