In the run-up to June 2019’s Enterprise Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, the global research giant has released their top seven enterprise security and risk management trends report for this year.

At Custos, we’re interested in dissecting a couple of these trends in terms of what they mean for our enterprise clients, specifically: decision-makers for whom leaks of their premium or confidential content would cost their companies.

When it comes to content protection, prevention is better than cure

Data breaches are an incredibly expensive affair. According to IBM, the total average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million (but you can work out exactly what a data breach would cost your company with their handy calculator, right here).

Which is why Gartner’s assertion (trend #2) that enterprise ‘security operations centers are being implemented with a focus on threat detection and response’ is something we can vouch for – because it’s something we’ve been practicing since our inception.

“The need for Security and Risk Management (SRM) leaders to build or outsource a Security Operation Center (SOC) that integrates threat intelligence, consolidates security alerts and automates response cannot be overstated.”

Peter Firstbrook, research vice president at Gartner

Indeed, what sets the Custos API apart as a content security solution is:

  1. the decentralization of leak detection to a network of (human) bounty hunters across the globe, all of whom are highly motivated by our embedded cryptocurrency incentives to automatically alert us to copyright infringements, near instantaneously
  2. a tiered leaked detection system incorporating public bounty hunting, trusted third-party content detection experts, and internal Custos automated and manual detection
  3. a strong focus on the prevention of leaks or data breaches by making both the above points (1.) and (2.) explicitly known to players within your business or content distribution network, so that there’s a very real threat of being identified accurately (Our 256 bit forensic watermark payloads leave no room for false incrimination.)

Machines may be smart, but humans can be ingenious

Gartner’s fifth enterprise security and risk management trend for 2019 also pertains to a principle the Custos team holds dear to their proverbial hearts: always having a human in the leak detection loop.

“We are starting to see vendors offer solutions that are a fusion of products and operational services to accelerate product adoption. Services range from full management to partial support aimed at improving administrators’ skill levels and reducing the daily workload.”

Peter Firstbrook

While Gartner’s report acknowledges the massive strides made in AI and automation towards minimising the need for humans in security analysis and threat detection, they assert that sensitive and complex risk management and security will always demand the human eye.

As touched on above, the Custos bounty hunter system adds the extra detection power of a human-in-the-loop for finding hidden content and reversing watermark attacks. This is important in preventing content leaks and data breaches because automated systems can easily miss things, while motivated humans can be very crafty and effective at getting around measures designed to trick machines.

The Custos system is capable of detecting leaks at scale and with incomparable speed – this is because the cryptocurrency bounties embedded within our forensic watermarks are paid only to the first bounty hunter to find a particular watermarked video or PDF document, for example. So, hungry and competitive bounty hunters are just waiting for the moment that content gets leaked so that they can be the one to claim the prize.

Concluding thoughts

Security and risk management is an increasingly complex undertaking for organizations all over the world. But, by leveraging a combination of emerging tech – such as the Custos Core API – while keeping humans in the loop of an automated detection process, companies with sensitive content to protect may be able to come out on top.

Questions about our media-agnostic content protection solution? Chat to a Custos Representative today: [email protected].