A number of educational organisations have recently reached out to the Custos team in search of a solution to the piracy problem in online education. Specifically, e-learning providers are looking for a way to watermark educational content – in order to prevent online textbooks, lecture videos, and PDFs from being unlawfully redistributed online.

In response to increasing demand for copyright protection in the the edtech sector, the Custos Development Team has prototyped a Moodle plugin-based solution that makes it easy for online education providers to integrate our content tracking solution with their existing (and often moodle-based) content distribution deployments.

How we can help you prevent your content from being pirated by students

Understandably, educational institutions and companies are protective of their high-value intellectual property – and students are inclined to share everything from class notes to lecture slides and full online textbooks.

This results in revenue loss for educational institutions, because people are less likely to sign up for an online class or purchase a textbook if they can access pirated content for free.

This poses a critical threat to the long-term sustainability of educational institutions, and inhibits their capacity to adapt to technological shifts in their industry.

By integrating our core technology for forensically watermarking ebooks, documents, and PDFs, we are now able to provide an effective and affordable anti-piracy solution for edtech media owners.

Not only are our forensic watermarks both imperceptible and robust, they’re also traceable even into the dark web, behind paywalled pirated content, private file sharing groups, and into campus networks.

Forensic watermarking for educational content – how it works

  • We embed a unique, imperceptible watermark into your online textbook or PDF file when they are downloaded from your existing content distribution platform.
  • This watermark can be used to identify the user that downloaded your PDF.
  • Thus, our forensic watermarking helps pinpoint the exact source of where your content transitioned from where it should be to where it shouldn’t be.
  • In addition to helping you trace unlawful downloads and shares, we inform your users of the presence of a forensic watermarks in order to deter leaks – because prevention is always better than cure.
  • Our tracking technology can be deployed to your existing hosting and distribution property, and run within your intranet.
  • It also integrates with Moodle.

Contact Custos about piracy-prevention for your educational content

To date, Custos’ content watermarking and distribution solutions have protected over 300,000 videos, ebooks, and confidential documents from copyright infringement.

We’re really excited to expand our content protection and leak detection solutions into the educational sector:

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