With the era of hard DRM over, forensic watermarking is seen as the new go-to for protecting content. Whether you are looking for a watermarking provider, or want to see what new technologies are available (See our white paper on Why Watermarking is not Enough), IBC2019 is the place to be.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the companies at IBC specializing in forensic watermarking:

NAGRA NexGuard

NAGRA is the digital TV division of the Kudelski Group. Their forensic watermarking solution, NexGuard, can be applied to protection of pre-release content, pay-TV operators and direct-to-consumer services, as well as digital cinema.

“NexGuard Forensic Watermarking solutions can be used to deter and combat piracy during content production, post-production, distribution/contribution, including for direct-to-consumer services.”


ContentArmor’s solutions include both video and audio forensic watermarking. The use cases for their video watermarks include: the protection of high-risk screeners and the protection of VOD content.

“ContentArmor develops and commercializes unique security solutions for Entertainment content. In particular, it proposes Hollywood Studios approved forensic audio and video watermarking technologies to deter piracy for premium content.”


INKA’s forensic watermarking is available via a SaaS product called Pallycon. Pallycon offers cloud-based Multi DRM and Forensic watermarking service. Pallycon has created its uniqueness in Content security in terms of simple integrations, Hollywood studio-grade robust security,  and affordability.

Friend MTS

Friend MTS’ content and revenue protection services is designed for premium sports and entertainment (for live and on-demand content). Their portfolio includes Piracy-iQ, a ground-breaking service for measuring streaming piracy consumption over ISP networks. Other key services include global monitoring using fingerprint-based content recognition, and the most widely deployed subscriber watermarking in the world.

Custos Media Technologies

The Custos combines patented blockchain technology with forensic watermarking, to provide turnkey DRM and content security workflows for media and edtech businesses (see how we do it here).

Our online media distribution platforms and API integrations offer flexible options to host, watermark, and securely distribute video, audio, e-books, and sensitive documents.

To date, Custos’ plug-and-play distribution solutions have protected over 500 000 films, e-books, and confidential documents from copyright infringement, using cryptocurrency ─ reducing piracy by 99.97% in markets across four continents.

Content owners trust Custos to keep sensitive media safe, and to detect leaks when and where they happen.

Book a meeting with Custos at IBC in Amsterdam to discuss how you can use blockchain and watermarking to protect your content.