Custos’ watermarking and blockchain technology can be integrated directly into an existing content delivery platform. This case study looks at how Custos’ technology can integrate into a content delivery platform, to provide forensic watermarking and content protection.

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The Customer Need

The LightVAULT platform was developed as a next-generation delivery platform for an industry that is in dire need of modernization. It addresses the needs of both distributors and independent filmmakers alike, offering an end-to-end solution for the secure storage, QC, conversion and delivery of film assets to clients worldwide.

In their words:

“As a producer and distributor, I face the challenges of deliverables on a weekly basis. It’s  difficult to navigate in the deadline-driven delivery environment, and there’s also no true way of ensuring your content only gets into the hands that you want.”

The Implementation

The LightVAULT platform integrates directly with the Custos Watermarking API. When producers upload content to the LightVAULT secure cloud, the API is called, and the content is processed for watermarking.

When a user of the LightVAULT platform distributes their content through the platform, a unique watermark with a Blockchain tracker is added to each copy. On top of the automated tracking of leaks, the invisible watermark is more robust and less intrusive than a visible watermark.

It is a “secure screener platform that keeps your films protected through forensic watermarking, eliminating the need for invasive onscreen watermarks.”

Who is LightVAULT?

LightVAULT is a Candian-based encrypted cloud server which manages content delivery to networks and buyers with conversion, localization, quality control, mastering, and re-packaging services. They deliver films to buyers and broadcasters worldwide, including Netflix, Paramount, iTunes, and AmazonPrime.

The Impact

The platform has been a great success, with customers from all over the industry using it to distribute their content. The integration with the Custos Watermarking API has meant that the platform has experienced zero leaks to date.

With Custos protecting the content on the platform, the LightVAULT team can focus on providing a great service to their users.

Download this case study here.

To date, Custos’ content watermarking and distribution solutions have protected over 500,000 videos, ebooks, and confidential documents from copyright infringement.

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